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Monday, August 27, 2012

Nail of the Day: Urban Outfitters Smush and Dust! 8/24/12

Today's Nail of the Day coincides with my current mint obsession and features two Urban Outfitters nail polishes, which are new to me.
2 Coats
The two Urban Outfitters nail polishes that I used were Smush (mint color) and Dust (shimmery blue with chunky silver glitter.) The formulation of these polishes was smooth and very opaque. The polish wore about one week on my nails before it began to chip, which I consider very good. As a bonus, the polish came off almost effortlessly with nail polish remover; even the glitter wasn't as difficult in removal as some glitters can be. I am loving the blue, glitter polish, Dust. It is a very close dupe to the much more expensive Deborah Lippmann polish in Today was a Fairytale ($16.) These polishes retail for $5 or 2/$8, like I scored.

What's your current favorite nail polish?

xx, Eviola

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