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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NEW! e.l.f. Limited Edition Disney Villains Palettes: Evil Queen, Cruella & Maleficent: Review + Swatches!

When I first heard that e.l.f. was coming out with a Disney Villains collection for Fall, I was extremely excited! e.l.f. (or eyes lips face) is a cosmetic brand that offers some great, affordable beauty products. These palettes are new for Fall and were a little tricky to get a hold of, but definitely worth it! Each palette is tailored for you to be able to create an entire day and night look. The villains featured are the Evil Queen from Snow White, Cruella from 101 Dalmations, and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.
Up first, is the Evil Queen Devious Dramatic Eyes Kit:

Each palette opens up like a book. The right side houses all the products. You get a pair of false lashes and lash glue, 4 "Day Evil" eyeshadows, an eye primer, a daytime lip and cheek pencil, 4 "Night Villain" eyeshadows, a liquid liner, and a nighttime lip and cheek pencil. 
On the left is a mirror embedded in a cardboard flap. Under this flap are face charts for two looks for "Day Evil" and "Night Villain." There is a transparency of the Evil Queen that flips to either side to view the other half of the face chart. It's a really nice feature of the palette. Each look comes with directions, but from reading them, they all use the shadows in the same way. The directions don't teach you any super unique tricks in applying the products, but are still nice to have.
The lashes in this palette are spiky with shorter lashes in-between.
On to the swatches!
The Day look features:
One Bite: frosty white with gold sheen
Vanity: matte light beige
Narcissistic: light lilac with slight frost
Potion: shimmery plum
I noticed Vanity was a tad chalky, but although it doesn't show up against my skin too well in the swatch, the pigment is there. One Bite is absolutely stunning. It reminds me of NARS AlbatrossPotion was also another favorite of the 4 and was smooth and pigmented.
For the Night shadows, we have:
Fairest of the Land: frosty white
Majesty: mid-tone purple with satin finish
Peddler's Cloak: mid-tone brown with fine gold sparkles
Poison Apple: matte black
Out of these four, Fairest of the Land and Peddler's Cloak performed the best, while Majesty and Poison Apple required some building up as they were slightly sheerer.
The set came with a black liquid liner, the tip of which, is shown above. It is a fine pointed brush applicator.
Above are swatches of the Day lip and cheek color - a dusty pink - and the Night lip and cheek color - a cherry red. I wondered how pencils could be used as cheek products and envisioned these as functioning more like lip liners, but both were smooth and creamy. I would apply them to my fingers and then blend onto my cheek the same way I would a cream blush if I wanted to use them as blush. The black liner was a rich black and dried matte.
Up next, is the Cruella Evil Everyday Eye! The layout of all the palettes is the same; only the packaging, products inside, and the face charts are different.
The lashes in the Cruella palette are fuller all the way around the lash band and flare out. This palette contains more neutral colors, and they don't disappoint.
The lashes in the Cruella palette are fuller all the way around the lash band and flare out. This palette contains more neutral colors, and they don't disappoint.
An interesting feature of this face chart is that the other side (the left side of Cruella's face) features her with her white/gray hair. I thought this attention to detail was another nice touch to this collection.
The Day shadows in this palette include:
Puppy Love: matte light nude
Coat of Dreams: shimmery peach
Cruelty: dusty light green with satin finish
Sewage: shimmery brown with olive undertones
These shadows were all smooth and fairly pigmented.
The Night shadows blew me away and were perhaps the best 4 shadows among all 3 palettes:
Spotted: shimmery champagne
Maniac: mid-tone bronze with gold sparkle
Little Beasts: matte chocolate brown
Extinction: Deep brown with shimmer
I had no issues with these and was very pleased with their texture and pigmentation. Even the matte, Little Beasts, wasn't chalky or dry.
The lip and cheek colors included a light coral pink for the Day and a true red for the Night; both were matte and creamy in texture. This kit also included a black liquid liner, identical to the one in the Evil Queen set.
Lastly, we have the Maleficent Sinister Smoky Eyes palette, which features a more colorful variety of shadows than the previous two!
The lashes in this kit are thicker, spiky lashes with fewer short lashes in-between the spikes than the Evil Queen palette.
The Day colors include:
Spindle: light mauve with a slight satin finish
Sceptre: shimmery dark champagne
Fog of Doom: blue-violet with a slight satin finish
Fauna: shimmery, muted green-gray
Out of these shadows, Fog of Doom required some layering, was a bit chalky, and seemed like it would be difficult to blend out because it was so dry. The other three shades performed well.
The Night colors performed much better in this palette:
Misfortune: frosty true silver
Forest of Thorns: black with silver glitter 
Deep Sleep: satin plum
Diablo: blackberry with purple glitter
Performance-wise, Forest of Thorns required some building up, but was pigmented and smooth. Diablo didn't translate well on the skin. The purple glitter did not show up. It just looked black with a slight purple undertone. Misfortune and Deep Sleep both performed beautifully and were smooth and rich in color.
The lip and cheek colors included a mid-tone pink for the Day and a dark raspberry for the Night. This kit also came with a glitter liquid liner instead of a black one. The liner was clear with iridescent glitter throughout.
Overall, I felt there were more hits than misses in these palettes and suggest them, especially the Cruella one. It's always fun to have collections with Disney themes, and these are nice little kits to use and keep around as collector items.
 These palettes retail for $10 each and are available only at select Walgreens stores. If you are interested, I suggest going to and finding a nearby Walgreens that carries e.l.f. products using their store locator. Pick these up quickly because I bought some of the last palettes in my store!

Who's your favorite Disney Villain? :)

- xx, Eviola

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