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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NEW! MAC Marilyn Monroe Limited Edition Collection: Haul, Review & Swatches!

I have been waiting for this collection ever since I first read about it on a blog early this year. The MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection did not disappoint! Here is a look at the products I purchased and my thoughts about them!

I picked up 2 lipsticks, 1 blush, 1 eye shadow, and 1 Dazzleglass. I refrained myself from going too crazy, which was quite difficult in this chaotic event.
I've heard many people complain about the packaging for this collection, but I quite like it. There are different unreleased photos of Marilyn on the varying products, and I like the classic touch they give to MAC's standard black packaging. All casing is glossy and has red writing.
Up first, are the blush and eyeshadow. I chose The Perfect Cheek blush and Preferred Blonde eyeshadow. The blush I chose is matte and is the pinker of the two, the other one available, Legendary, being more coral. They were both quite similar, so I couldn't justify getting both, and I prefer pink blushes. 
The blush isn't extremely intense, but you can easily build it up. Please excuse the cat scratch in the swatches below! :)
The Perfect Cheek, indoor lighting. Left: heavy swatch, Right: blended out
Preferred Blonde is a gorgeous shimmery champagne color and is a veluxe pearl finish. I also wanted the dark, blue-gray shimmer in the collection, Showgirl, but figured I'd get more use out of the champagne color. These are enlarged eyeshadows and contain 3 grams of product compared to the usual 1.3-1.5 grams that regular MAC eyeshadows contain. 
Preferred Blonde eyeshadow, indoor lighting
Preferred Blonde eyeshadow, indoor lighting
Preferred Blonde eyeshadow, indoor lighting
Preferred Blonde eyeshadow, indoor lighting
Preferred Blonde eyeshadow, indoor lighting
Up next, are the lip products!
Pure Zen & Charmed I'm Sure lipsticks, indoor lighting
Pure Zen & Charmed I'm Sure lipsticks, indoor lighting
The two lipsticks I picked out were Pure Zen, a light, peachy nude (cremesheen) that gives a nice light lip without washing you out, and Charmed I'm Sure, a dark, matte true red. There were also three other reds in the collection, Scarlet Ibis, a bright orange-red, Love Goddess, a pink-red, and Deeply Adored, a deeper red with brown undertones. Charmed I'm Sure looked the best on my ~NC20 skin tone. It is a blue-based red. Both lipsticks appear lighter and brighter in person than they appear on camera. The swatches are more color accurate:
Phiff! Dazzleglass, Charmed I'm Sure & Pure Zen lipsticks, indoor lighting
Phiff! Dazzleglass, Charmed I'm Sure & Pure Zen lipsticks, indoor lighting
Lastly, I picked out the Phiff! Dazzleglass, which is a light yellow/peach with beautiful multi-colored sparkle. The other Dazzleglass in the collection, Little Rock, had the same sparkle but was more of a sheer white gloss. Phiff! looks great over the Pure Zen lipstick, and would look great over any lipstick because of its glossy sparkle but not necessarily for its color pay-off. This is my first Dazzleglass purchase (I'm more of a lipstick girl,) and I love the formula!
Lastly, the inner packages have these adorable lipstick prints on the inside.

On a side note, I almost didn't even get these!
 I went to a launch party for the Marilyn Monroe collection at my nearest MAC store and was surprised to see how crazy it was upon my arrival! I expected a busy launch event, but it was just chaotic. Hundreds of people showed up to the event, and the line began to wrap around the mall. By the time I got into the store (I wasn't too far back in the line,) all the products I wanted had sold out. I had scheduled an appointment for the release of the collection at a MAC counter in Nordstrom a few days after the launch in case this happened, and I got so lucky! On my way back to my car (sad and down trodden,) I walked through Nordstrom and decided to stop by the MAC counter and ask if they were taking pre-orders. To my surprise and sheer good fortune, the counter had opened up their stash and began selling products about 10 minutes before I arrived! I was able to get my hands on what I wanted and was so relieved! If I would have left a little earlier and bypassed the counter, not only would I have not gotten these products as soon as I did, they would have been all sold out by the time I showed up to the appointment!

Thanks for stopping by! Did you manage to snag anything from this collection? :)

- xx, Eviola

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